Letters from satisfied clients

Sara Mott - 8160 Phaeton Drive, Oakland



This is a really hard to write this letter, because there are already so many incredible letters of recommendation for Thomas. It’s difficult to come up with a fresh way to do him justice. I also want to get it right because Thomas deserves all the praise in the world for being the most dedicated, caring, and hardworking person you would hope to hire as your real estate agent.

The key takeaway: Thomas really does live up to the hype!

I’m deeply grateful to Thomas for all of the support, compassion, and back breaking hard work he put into the sale of our family home of 30 years. It was an emotional journey for me to sell my childhood home after my mother’s unexpected death, but Thomas lessened the burden by taking on so many of the logistics and truly making the house shine.

When Thomas first started, the house was full of 30 years of detritus and was in desperate need of key repairs. As we surveyed the overwhelming work ahead of us, he reassured me, “I have a hand truck and I’m not afraid to use it!”

Sure enough, Thomas poured weeks of energy and love into our old Eichler, restoring it to full glory. He personally hauled out furniture and junk, scrubbed and polished, oversaw contractors, lovingly and thoughtfully selected appropriate paint and fixtures, and enhanced the staging with pieces from his own home.

I had struggled for months to do a fraction of what he accomplished in less than 3 weeks. At every turn he wrangled the best deals, readily beating all the bids I had previously (and with great struggle) received for paint and repairs.

And then, if that wasn’t enough, Thomas sold the house just as quickly as he fixed it up—to our surprise and delight, handily matching the record sales price set in our neighborhood just a month before!

There are a lot of other real estate agents who might claim to be able to do all of that, too, but here’s the difference:

Thomas cares.

Thomas cares about history and the integrity of the homes he is selling, and he’s an expert in Eichler homes and neighborhoods. It was such a pleasure to learn things I’d never known about my childhood home, and to have it fixed up with so much thoughtfulness. It made the emotional journey of letting go easier, knowing that we were sending off the house in the best possible way, and finding buyers who would appreciate the home as much as my family did.

Karen Ivanis - 253 Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek


Thomas Westfall took the stress out of selling our home.

I never could have imagined that the process to get the house ready for listing would be so smooth, the marketing of the home be so exciting and the ultimate sale be so prosperous. We were so fortunate to have hired Thomas.

Thomas was a trusted advisor in the decisions we made preparing the house for sale. His ideas were creative, informed and helped to amplify critical architectural elements of our Eichler. He was resourceful with quality /affordable references and helped coordinate project work when needed.

Thomas is a skilled marketer. My husband refers to the marketing of our home as the “euphoria of promotion”. It was really exciting. Our home had the most gorgeous marketing materials. Our listing was found everywhere from newspaper, website to social media. As a result of his marketing, our Walnut Creek open house days drew crowds consistent with San Francisco properties and visitors from all over the Bay Area.

Thomas is a keen negotiator. We were fortunate to have multiple offers with highly passionate and potential buyers. It was there that we saw Thomas’ abilities to confer with multiple agents. On our behalf, he maximized the process and in the end we accepted an offer greater than we could have imagined.

There is much involved in bringing a home to market, and inevitable opportunities for stress all along the way. Our process was truly stress free due to Thomas’ exemplary communication and interpersonal skills.