Letters from satisfied clients

Brian and Alexandra - 1261 Lancashire Blvd, Concord


To Homeowners who are looking for a listing agent:

My name is Brian Ford. My wife Alexandra (Alex) and I are writing this letter as a referral for Thomas Westfall as a listing agent. Alex and I owned our Eichler in the East Bay for about 15 years. When we decided to move back East to be closer to Family, we consulted a few potential Agents to list our home for sale. Being members of the community for the better part of 20 years we had quite a few options to consult.

Alex and I had met Thomas in 2014 at one of his listings. Right away we were drawn to Thomas’ “likeability” factor. Thomas is professional, polite, kind, and genuine. After consulting with 3 other potential agents to list with we decided to give Thomas a call. Thomas showed up to our home and was “head and shoulders” above the previous Agents in terms of being prepared, as well providing examples of his history of success’ without coming across as conceited.

After sleeping on it for a night, Alex and I had a meeting and easily agreed (which always isn’t the case 😉) that Thomas was going to be our Agent.

There were several factors that brought us to this decision:

Business Plan with Timeline

Aligning on his plan works. If you follow his advice…it will pay off

Partnership Agreement:

We aligned on Thomas with deliverables and expectations (Pros and cons of doing things to home .vs not doing them to ensure profitability outcomes). All three of us needed to be aligned and jointly agreed that we wanted us all to make as much money as possible

Thomas’ integrity (personally and professionally):

Thomas is an A+ Human. Thomas will only take on one listing at a time and he will refer buyers without representative agents rather than trying to pull off both ends on the commission


Thomas is extremely accommodating and generous with his time. He goes out of his way to make himself available.

If you are looking for someone who is going to give you the best representation from selling your home, and you are considering listing with an agent other than Thomas, I would encourage you to give me a phone call on 925-768-5363 or shoot me an e-mail on brianpford72@gmail.com. I have bought and sold multiple properties over the years and would be more than happy to entertain a conversation. I’m very passionate about Real Estate. It’s a very personal business!

Scott San Fillippo - 18511 Mountain Lane, Castro Valley


Dear Eichler Owner,

Thomas Westfall successfully managed the presentation and sale of our renovated double-A frame in Castro Valley. Based on our fantastic experience with Thomas, I highly recommend him as a listing agent for your Eichler. He handled our very emotional decision to sell our home with the utmost care, respect, and understanding. He wore many hats during the transaction – Realtor, general contractor, carpenter, landscaper, and even psychologist. He helped get the house ready for open house and sale, not with just advice and guidance, but also with hard work and around-the-clock service. He landscaped, power washed, moved furniture, babysat our daughter, repaired things – basically anything that needed to get done to get our house ready for sale. He helped make our home look like it should be on the cover of Atomic Ranch. We have meet several Realtors who specialize in these homes and Thomas’ passion and knowledge of Eichlers and the market for them is one of the best we have encountered.

As our realtor (and psychologist) he managed the process and communicated throughout it, helping us move forward every day. His attention to detail and communication with both of us was impeccable.

Yet the hard work, communication, and compassion were just icing on the cake for where Thomas truly excelled – the actual marketing and sale of our home. His negotiation and sales skills are amazing. He handled potential buyers amazingly well – aggressively but with great respect – and closed the transaction to the satisfaction of both parties.

Thomas is a skillful negotiator, a fantastic communicator, a hard worker, and most of all, a great marketer and salesman for your home. I don’t know that you can do better than Thomas Westfall for the sale of your Eichler.